My book on amazon (part one)

Part one of my new, much better book, Hematite, is on amazon for free for 3 more days so go get it while you can. I didn’t decide if i should release it in parts, so people can read it faster or just one long book, which. Either way its gonna cost about the same. So, please go check it out y’all and help me get to the top 10 of my category ūüėÄ

P.S, so far in the category its in, its already in the top 100-free ( in 2 days).




Teaser for my book 1st: High school Drama

My book is actually on amazon, well actually i just released a trailer of the book for only one dollar haha. I mean I’m not gonna charge full price for just a preview. The next book i write is called “Hematite” and it will have a more traditional way of the story being told. By this i mean first person point of view, by the way i wrote this book when i was 12 which was three years ago. While i was 12 i seemed to like to write in dialogue form a lot. If i didn’t say before I’m writing another book called “Hematite” i already have the chapter titles and the preface written. So if you want to see the Preface and chapter titles for “Hematite” tell me in the comments and i will just post it as a blog post on here. Only thing i don’t have ready for Hematite is the cover, i made a temporary one (if you want to see that just asked in the comments to), but i would love it if someone could give me some better ideas it basically about a psychic girl that wants to find her mother and find out how her father died.

Buy part 1 of Book/Short story for 0.99 here


Relaxing is for non-bloggers

Don’t you ever have one of those days where you just want to relax, not work, not blog, just you and the sun and park bench with your name on it. If you said no then, i agree haha. Because, if i did i wouldnt be posting on here which would make this paragraph non-existent, but these are just a few pictures i took while i was at the park, trying to have “one of those days” but evidentally i couldnt. I try to take only a certain amount so i won’t run out of my “allowed space” fast.

Rejection in life and photography



Ok so today was… Interesting. I messaged my crush (3 times actually) and got no response. Then, something happened, well technically something didn’t happened and by that I mean I got no response. Which by that I mean I got no response, do if this post isn’t very lengthy and detail you’ll know why. But the weird thing is, I wanted to take more pictures of my day but when I went to open the camera app it just showed a black screen so yea sorry. Also, the pictures are not the same thing they are three different pictures I just took them seconds after each other yet they still look strikingly similar; weird huh?

The Art Of The American Rome

I have no idea what this is called the tour guide just said "metal tree"

Okay so these are some of the pictures that i took when my family and i went on vacation in Washing D.C for five days. The¬†first picture, I¬†actually have no idea what it is because the tour guide we had only told us “The metal tree”. Yes, thanks tour person¬†that explains all of lifes answers.

The name he gave us for the next one is even more ridiculous, he told us it was a big leaf, in which in my mind he was getting hit with a big leaf. But i¬†suppose i can’t blame him because trying to figure out what that is, still leaves me stumped. I mean seriously thats just redunk.

Bee’s are the real photographers?

Okay so start off this was a field day that we took in school, the girl right there is my friend D. When i was taking this picture a bee was actually in the way and i tried to get it in the picture because i have never got a bee in a shot before, so being the “expert photographer” i thought i was, i ran towards the bee. When i almost had it, i tripped on a stump and the bee flew away. On the way down of my fall, my fnger pressed the camera button on my Ipod and this was one of the results